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Farmer from Ylitornio

I am a farmer from Mellajärvi in Ylitornio and raise 30 dairy cows. Our farm is located close to a lake, which for some years has made me consider the use of so-called bio oils in work machinery and manure removal equipment in the cowshed.

Unfortunately, oil leaks cannot be avoided on a farm, and locating leaks in the manure removal equipment is challenging, because the hoses and cylinders are located in a part of the machinery where the manure passes through.


We have been using EKO 100 Farm Oil for a year now. It has worked faultlessly in the manure removal equipment, as well as in the work machinery and rotary baler’s chain lubrication. Farm Oil is also excellent for lubricating the chains on a chainsaw.”


Markku Kangas – maanviljelijä

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