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EKO 100 Planing Oil 10
  • EKO 100 Planing Oil 10

EKO 100 Planing Oil 10

EKO 100 Plaining Oil 10 is made from vegetable oil. Thanks to the natural base oil and additives, the product is safe for the user and the environment. EKO 100 products are based on technical vegetable oils; we do not use oils suitable for cooking. EKO 100 Planing Oil 10 is an excellent lubricant for planing surfaces and is very suitable for lubricating rims and blades.


  • EKO 100 Planing Oil 10 is non-poisonous and safe for the user.
  • The product is easily biodegradable.
  • EKO 100 Planing Oil 10 retains good coverage on metal surfaces, extending the service life of rims and blades.
  • For cleaning planing surfaces.
  • Anticorrosive.
  • 40% lower consumption compared to mineral-based oils.

Packages: 10l, 208l, 1,000l

PropertiesEKO 100 Planing Oil 10Test
Colour Yellowish  
Density /+20°C 0,905 (+20 °C) ASTM D 4052
Viscosity / +40°C 15 mm²/s ASTM D 7279
Flash point +240 °C ASTM D 92
Pour point -20 °C ASTM D 5950
Easily biodegradable 83 % OECD 301F

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