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EKO 100 Form Oil 20
  • EKO 100 Form Oil 20

EKO 100 Form Oil 20

EKO 100 Form Oil 20 is made from vegetable oil. Thanks to the natural base oil and additives, the product is safe for the user and the environment. EKO 100 products are based on technical vegetable oils; we do not use oils suitable for cooking. EKO 100 Form oils are versatile, extremely environmentally friendly and safe for users. EKO 100 Form oil 20 is developed for heavy use in the concrete industry, but because of its supreme qualities compared to rival products, it can be used practically anywhere. Complete biodegradation in 30 days (OECD 301 F).


  • The product is 100% ester vegetable oil
  • EKO Form Oil 20 is easily biodegradable under OECD 301F conditions. Total biodegradation of the product is complete within a month
  • Suitable for all types of forms
  • Reduces the need to clean the forms
  • Even concrete surface
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not stain
  • Economical to use
  • Prevents the corrosion of metal parts

Packages: EKO 100 Form Oil 20 is delivered in a 10l can, 208l barrel or 1,000l container.

PropertiesEKO 100 Form Oil 20Test
Colour Yellowish  
Density /+20°C 0,920 (+20 °C) ASTM D 4052
Viscosity / +40°C 32 mm²/s ASTM D 7279
Ignition point +310 °C ASTM D 92
Pour point -22 °C ASTM D 5950
Corrosion (Fe) No corrosion ASTM D 665
Easily biodegradable 82 % OECD 301F

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